Buyers Program


When people want to sell their home they usually put a fair amount of effort into finding the right real estate agent to hire.  Often people will do research online, get recommendations from friends and family, and interview multiple Realtors before choosing who to hire. Oddly, even though buying a home is equally important, people often work with the first Realtor they meet.   

If you’re reading this page, then you are taking the decision about who to hire seriously, which is great.  At The Fenton Team we have two dedicated Buyer’s Agents, Esther Fenton and Danielle Marley, who are the people you want on your side of the negotiating table. The best part is that The Fenton Team’s Buyers Program is completely free.


Our Buyers Program Promise of Service:

1) Meet to determine your wants and needs

Your wants and needs are paramount! We will set up a meeting with you in our private office in Port Alberni, or by phone, to discuss your real estate goals.


2) Organize a pre-approved mortgage

We discuss with you how a mortgage specialist can help with your financial requirements at industry leading rates. The pre-approval document will become a great negotiating chip later on in the process.


3) Set you up to receive your own Personal Listing Updates

This is the most streamlined way to get brand new listings right to your computer or phone in real time.


4) Add you to our “Before it hits MLS” preferred client list

We often know of listings prior to them appearing on the internet, and we’ll make sure you are amongst the first to know.


5) We use our experience and expertise to help you understand values

By conducting a thorough Comparative Market Evaluation on properties you are interested in we can help you understand their real market value.


6) Set-up viewings of the homes that fit your parameters

We will organize viewings that fit your budget and needs, and save you time by only showing you homes that fit your needs. We’ll also make you aware of any potential problems with different homes.   


7) Guide you through the offer phase…

We will write offers that protect your interests and advise on value to help achieve the right home at a great price. We will also present and negotiate the offer on your behalf to get you the home you want at the price you want.


8) With you through the due diligence phase

We assist you in coordinating with inspectors, appraisers, and notaries to ensure a smooth process and a firm deal.


9) Help you select your notary, movers and other trades

Our strong relationships ensure you receive professional assistance all the way through the deal.


10) There for you on Move In day

We arrange for keys and will meet you at the property on possession day. We are available for any last minute assistance if necessary.


All We Ask for in Return for this Commitment is…Your Loyalty